What reports/ statements are available and how do I access them?

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 Your Holding is capable of generating the following reports: 

  • Transaction reports
  • End of month balance summery
  • Highest value in a year
  • Monthly statement 

1) Once you have signed into your Holding, view and select "statements" from the toggle menu, choose the report you wish to view and define your desired report specification. 



Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What products and currencies can I search in?

- Gold, Silver Platinum or Palladium or any one of the nine currencies we offer on the platform. 


2. What date range can I search in?

- At present the reporting feature only allows statements to be generated within a one year span.


3. What kind of report formats are there?

- At present you may chose to browse the report in web form or export to an excel spreadsheet. 


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