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Below are some common errors a client may encounter during sign up.


Error Message Displayed What it means
The phone number entered is not valid The phone number entered at signup must have an area code that matches the selected country
Please ensure that you include enough detailed information on your Source of Funds to allow us to verify your Holding. Failure to provide the items specified in the list above is one of the most common causes for Holding verification delays. Detailed Information should include: Salary (in $), Company name, Payer name, Amounts received
Your browser is requesting access to your camera. Please allow access to continue. The Net Verify system is trying to access the camera but the browser security settings are preventing it. The client should be shown an option to "Allow Access" to the camera. If they do not click on it, they will be brought to the "Camera Unavailable" screen (see below)
Camera Unavailable The Net Verify system has not been allowed access to the device's camera and cannot take pictures. You will be shown the option upload images. In some cases, you can enable the camera through device settings - If using an iPad or iPhone,  ensure that you have upgraded to the latest edition of iOS v12.
Unfortunately, a part of your ID is missing in the file you uploaded. Please try again and make sure the edges are visible. The Net Verify system requires photo ID documents to be completely visible (all four corners within the frame). The image of your ID was not completely visible
Unfortunately, the file you uploaded is blurred. Please read the Help section and try again. The Net Verify system requires photo ID documents to be clearly legible. The image of your ID was not legible.
Holding Setup Complete, Verification Pending The system has collected the requisite signup information and it is now with the GM Verification Team for processing
We Require Additional Information Verification has been attempted but has so far been unsuccessful, you will need to retry
An error occurred during verification. Please try again later.  The maximum Net Verify attempts have been reached. (20)
Security Question setup - Answers Must be Unique No two security questions may have the same answer
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