Offline verification

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Clients that are unable to complete the online verification process will be required to complete the offline verification forms outlined below: 

1) Log into your holding, navigate to and click on the 'Further Verification Required' prompt



2) Select 'Download Forms'



3) Complete the designated forms (Section 1 and 3) (Section 2 is only required for additional owners) and sign where necessary.




4) In addition to downloading and completing the forms, clients must provide original or certified (notarized) copies of the following documents in order to complete offline verification:


5) The certifier must complete and sign the following form in order to guarantee the complete verification of your Holding.



6) Make sure you have completed and compiled all of the documents listed on the checklist



7) Print and submit the required documentation to either address via post:

European Verification Team

9 Bond Street

St Helier Jersey


Channel Islands (UK) 



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